5 Strategies to Convince Your Child to Keep Playing

Most parents strive to figure out the things that their children love to do, and are good at. Parents want to motivate their children to work hard, be determined and succeed. Trying to learn music can be very rewarding but it also requires discipline, practice time and dedication. Though we always strive to keep lessons fun and motivating, progress can feel slow to some students-particularlly if they are struggling to impliment a consistent practice routine. Hearing your child say, “I quit”, doesn’t make you feel good. You don’t want your child to think that because something is challenging, that it is not worth doing. You shouldn’t allow your child to stop as soon as they experience even the slightest bit of difficulty or frustration while learning. You will only be depriving your child of the benefits of music and learning what hard work can achieve. Here are some strategies that you can use to convince your child to keep taking lessons and playing their instrument. 


1. Assess the situation and try to pinpoint exactly why your child wants to give up. 

There could be a whole list of reasons why they don’t want to continue. Maybe they don’t like the teaching style of their instructor. Or maybe they would feel more comfortable if they could get their lessons in their own home. Try to figure out exactly what it is that is bothering your student and start from there.

2. Make sure you have your child playing the right instrument. 

Sometimes your child might sign up for guitar lessons and then down the line realize they are much better at piano. Finding the right instrument is important, but once your child finds where they feel most comfortable, they’ll only improve from there.

3. Try to be a practice partner for your child.

They might find it more comforting if you are sitting there with them learning and playing along. They also might be more inclined to practice in their free time if you’re giving them the motivation to. Be your child’s cheerleader. There is nothing more inspiring than when you have your parents cheering you on from the sidelines. Not only will they feel more determined to get better at their instrument, they will also be eager to show you every time they learn something new!

4. Ask for help from the child’s instructor. 

They usually have a ton of experience with all types of students. They might be able to offer different tips and suggestions to help motivate your child.

5. If all else fails, it truly is okay to stop long as your child tried and made a genuine effort. 

We always recommend bringing lessons to an appropriate close. Commit to finishing the year, semester, or month of lessons. This helps your child understand they made a commitment they need to complete, discourages changing directions too quickly, and shows respect for the instructor.


We hope these tips are useful!! If you have a child who you think might be interested in learning an instrument, sign up here today! We would love to make you a part of the Harmony Lessons family.

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