The Harmony Lessons Holiday Special

One of the most prominent parts of the holiday season is all of the wonderful holiday music that helps us reminisce whether that’s in the past, present, or future. The presence of all our favorite holiday tunes brings cheer and helps get us in the spirit for the most joyful time of the year! The time period between Thanksgiving and New Years gives instructors and students the perfect opportunity to liven up their music lessons. We want to offer you some ways that you can spread holiday cheer this year! But why?

  1. Holiday music plays a HUGE part in a lot of family’s traditions. Holiday music can bring a group together to create new musical traditions, or enjoy old ones! 
  2. Music can be seen as a valuable stress reliever. The holidays are already stressful. You have to worry about presents, where you’re eating, and planning all the excursions you want to indulge in! 
  3. Music helps connect us all! Sometimes, the holidays can be lonely, especially if you’re someone with a smaller family. Using holiday music and activities can help connect you in ways that no other activity can!

Those are just a few reasons you should use these activities! We want everyone to enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season!


  • Sing Holiday Music – Everyone loves singing along to the classic Christmas carols.  Sing-a-longs are the perfect way to get your whole family or community involved! It’s not a generational thing, either. Every generation knows the classic Christmas songs. 
  • Dance to Holiday Music – This is an especially great activity, especially if you or your student(s) are young! You can play Christmas songs and have your student dance along while you play the music, or you can play musical chairs with the holiday music!
  • Perform for Your Student/Family – If you yourself are the student, perform some of the music that you have been learning for your family. They will be so excited, proud, and happy to watch you honing your craft! If your student is the performer of the family, perform a song for them to help them be less nervous! Show them how fun performing it.

We hope these activity suggestions are helpful! 

Happy Holidays!

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