How to Support New Students in Beginner Music Lessons

One of the most frequently asked questions is “What is the best way to support a student who is just starting music lessons?” Everybody can use a little moral support, especially while still a beginner.


Regardless of if it’s young children taking lessons or an adult student, consistent encouragement can help ease the stress that comes along with learning a new musical instrument! We are eager to help you aid the student’s growth, and help them excel in their lessons. Here are some excellent ways you can support students through their musical journey!


  1. Try to leave negative phrases out of everyones vocabulary.

One of the most import things for a student’s music instructor, is helping the student believe they have the potential and skillset to achieve their music goals. You must lead by example, especially when it comes to a child’s music lessons. Children tend to feed off their parent’s energy, and they react depending on how their parents react. 

 If you continually insist that a task is too difficult and hard to achieve, your children will start to believe this and lose motivation to put in the work needed! 


Piano lessons, singing lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, take time, patience, and consistent effort to get good at it! Use encouraging words and phrases that’ll motivate the student to give their music lessons their all!


Some words to try and eliminate from your vocabulary, at least in terms of music lessons: can’t, won’t, never, failure, scared, and not enough.


Instead, try and reinforce the excitement and achievements that come along with learning something new! Encourage them through positivity rather than negativity. Uplift the student!


  1. Practice patience and kindness.

Luckily, music instructors in student’s private lessons are skilled and trained to be able to work with students at any level. There’s a certain level of patience and kindness that’ll be needed to enable successful music training.


 If you want to lend support to a music student, have the same patience their instructors do when they first start out. Remind them that it is okay to make mistakes, and that the only way you can get better at something is to keep consistently practicing. Your encouragement and patience will help them work through, learn from, and excel at their musical endeavors in the future!

  1. Encourage consistent practicing, and try to keep lessons fun!

Student’s music instructors are not responsible for whether or not they practice outside of lessons. There’s only so much an instructor can do to encourage a student to play their instrument consistently. 


The best way to support a music student is by motivating them to practice on a daily basis. Sometimes it might be difficult to get a student to practice every day. But, one of the easiest ways to instill this habit is by making a designated practice time daily. Students are more likely to stick with a habit if it becomes a routine!


  1. Don’t force progress, or try to speed through the learning process.

Music students are going to learn and grow at their own pace. One person may learn overnight with ease, while someone else might need a little more work. No one’s path is the exact same. 


When beginning to learn an instrument, most students will be starting at a slow pace. But, even if they continue with this pace, slow and steady still wins the race too! As time goes by, their instrument will start to become second nature. Support the student by complimenting their skills, and having them look forward to a future where they’re a skilled musician, capable of ANYTHING!


  1. Motivate the student to celebrate their achievements and milestones.

Any type of progress is good progress when it comes to music lessons! As long as the student improved in some way, shape or form, it’s cause for celebration


Whether they mastered a song they’ve been working on for months, just played in their first ever recital, or moved up levels in their music lessons: CELEBRATE! This will always be the best influence on any music student. The student will be motivated to continue getting better, continue mastering their instrument, and reaching brand new milestones! Foster their interest in music so they have ample encouragement to keep playing.

  1. Seek additional teaching materials for more practice outside of music lessons.

There are so many practice books for students at any level or age to utilize in their learning. There are books for young beginners, books for adult beginners, books for intermediate and advanced students, etc. Professional music educators and musicians alike have made practice books for students of any and every type! Ask your instructor for suggestions, they will be happy to help find fun new music for your child.


The materials are a good way to help your student discover new music, techniques, and genres. Additional music teaching materials will assure that your student is continually upgrading and improving their musical skills!


Learning something new, or taking on a new hobby is supposed to be fun! To optimize lessons and practices for your student, the best qualities to put forth are patience, effort, and time! With these, watch how quickly success finds your student.


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