Benefits of Online Music Lessons

At Harmony, we have mastered assisting you or your child and getting you excited about learning and engaging with your inner musical genius! We believe the best way to learn is when you’re having fun. By having fun and building confidence in your music lessons, we are able to foster a journey that will follow you throughout life! 


During quarantine, we found ways to get creative with our lessons at Harmony. Since we offer at-home in-person lessons and they were restricted under the guidelines and regulations for COVID-19, we began offering virtual lessons in March of 2020. As we have begun returning to a form of normalcy and returned to offering In-Person lessons again, we have continued to offer online lessons for students as well.


Reasons Online Music Lessons Are Beneficial

  1. You Have Access to Teachers Who Aren’t Local

This is one of the reasons why online voice lessons are beneficial. If you have done your research and you know an instructor online who you feel would work perfectly with you, you can take lessons from this instructor! They could be all the way in California, while you live in Florida. Online voice lessons break the barrier of long travel.


  1. You Can Take Lessons Anywhere

This reason is especially important if you’re someone who travels around often. You might need to take an emergency business trip, but you’ve got a lesson scheduled, You can take this lesson on-the-go and not have to miss out on a week’s worth of progress! 


  1. You Can Record Your Lessons

You can record your lessons to go back to and re-watch when you’re practicing! This is extremely helpful especially when you are having a hard time grasping or remembering what you learned in your last lesson. You will be able to go back and hear exactly what your instructor told you to do!


  1. It Is Easier To Keep Up And Maintain Progress

Sometimes you just don’t feel like navigating traffic to get to a lesson. That’s why Harmony Lessons travels to you for in-home in-person lessons and offers online lessons to alleviate travel time to your lessons! Have a mild cold, but still feel up for a lesson? Just hop on zoom and you won’t miss your lesson or a week of progress.


Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up For Virtual Music Lessons at HARMONY LESSONS:

  • Weekly fun and engaging virtual lessons on the instrument of your voice (piano, voice, guitar, or violin)
  • The convenience of in-home lessons, with the added safety of no one IN your home
  • Access to our online curriculum and resources
  • Access to Piano Maestro for piano students
  • Access to our student and parent portals
  • Recitals
  •  And most importantly, a skill you or your child will carry with your for life

We hope that you have found these reasons beneficial. And if it has piqued your interest, feel free to sign up for your first virtual lesson TODAY! Click Here!

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