In Person vs Online Lessons

In-Person vs Online Music Lessons: Pros and Cons Since the start of the pandemic, learning online has become common for most of us! Universities, schools,

Tips for Shy Students

Tips to Encourage Shy Students Got a shy singer who won’t sing in public or lessons? Some singers simply need words of encouragement, while others

Tips to Protect Your Voice

Tips to Protect Your Voice For singers, your voice is your instrument. You must protect, nurture, and strengthen it at all costs! But, it can

How to Choose the Right Voice Teacher

How-to Choose the Right Voice Instructor The right voice teacher can make or break a singer’s vocal improvement and determine whether a singer maintains their

Benefits of Online Vocal Lessons

Benefits of Online Music Lessons At Harmony, we have mastered assisting you or your child and getting you excited about learning and engaging with your

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