5 Ways to Replace Screen Time with Music and the Arts

Walk down the street and you will see 10 people on their cell phones in a 5 minute span! In past decades, electronic devices were used mainly for education and occasional entertainment. Now, people eat, breathe, and sleep through technology and social media. Technology is wonderful, it can be useful for educational purposes, teaching and occasional entertainment when an individual is digesting useful material that isn’t harmful. But becoming addicted to a cell phone or computer screen is too easy these days. Instead, how much more fulfilling it would be to pick up new hobbies or try learning new skills!

Music and the arts are an incredible way to immerse yourself into something new. Additionally, music also helps to improve motor and language skills, teaches better socialization, improves mood, and can also motivate creativity and self-expression!  So, here are 5 ways that you can replace screen time with music and the arts instead!


  1. Dance Party

Who doesn’t love throwing on a playlist filled with all of their favorite songs and jumping around while screaming the lyrics? This can be a fun, low-energy, and carefree way to fill time in your day when you feel like you are consuming too much media online! You don’t have to throw this dance party on your own. Invite all of your closest friends, bring snacks and some drinks, and just enjoy yourself! You don’t need to be distracted by social media 24/7. Enjoy the company of those you love. 


  1. Sign Up for Music Lessons

Learning a new instrument or learning how to sing can be a great way to kill time when you have too much on your hands! There are so many benefits that come along with learning how to make music. But, the best part will be motivating yourself to get better and better. It could be an incredible distraction to keep you off your phone!


  1. Music Games
Spice up old childhood games to make them fun for your crowd. Grab a couple of chairs, set them up around the room, and get a little competitive with your friends over some musical chairs! We all loved that game when we were children, and I know I wasn’t the only one who was fighting to get that last seat! There’s nothing more fun than goofing around with your friends and enjoying good music!
  1. Visiting a Music Store

This can be any type of music store of your choosing. Enjoy browsing old records- find a vintage record store to explore. If you prefer to preview your music from the comfort of your own home, visit the app of your choice and dive into some new albums! Explore! You might be surprised by what you find.


There are many wonderful ways to fill your time with music and the arts instead of gluing your face to a screen for the entire day! Make sure that you’re allowing yourself to grow, learn and become a better person every single day. Obsessing over social media isn’t going to get you to your end goal any faster. Teaching yourself new things and allowing yourself to have new experiences will!


If you’re interested in signing up for music lessons, click here. Harmony Lessons is honored to invite you to participate in a free music lesson with us! Don’t miss out. Put the phone down and pick up your new hobby TODAY!

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