Helpful Recital Preparation Tips

The Harmony Studio Recital is quickly approaching on April 30th! To be fully perpared you need to rehearse your performance piece, but is there anything else you should focus on? Preparing for a recital, concert, or performance of any sort can be nerve wracking, and we want to assure that your performance goes great! Here are a few tips and tricks that’ll help you be recital ready, and calm your nerves to guarantee a wonderful performance.

  • Make Sure You Are Well Rested– This may seem like common sense, but you’d be very surprised how many people stay up late before a performance stressing themselves out! A good night’s rest will allow you to stay focused, decrease your stress levels, and allow yourself to perform freely. If you get enough sleep, you’re making sure your mind doesn’t wander during your recital, you make sure your nerves are calm, and your body will be able to function as it normally does. So, make sure you relax and have a good night’s sleep before your recital!
  • Eat Well Before You Go– Recital days can be pretty busy, especially if the recital is featuring several different performances. Eating a healthy, filling breakfast can give you the fuel you need to last throughout the day. Eating food high in protein and fiber will give you the extra energy you will need to stay full until after your performance. You don’t want your stomach to start grumbling as soon as you take your place to start performing. Once you don’t have to worry about being hungry, you can keep your mind focused on giving a great show to the audience! You are also better off staying away from foods in the dairy group, as they can cause an upset stomach or phlegm if you’re a singer.
  • Warm-Ups– Going to a recital, and performing cold without running through a warm-up is not suggested. Running through your song at home on your instrument, or even just hitting a scale or two for warm ups can be a great way to get your mind and body in the right place before performing. Take the time to mentally and physically prepare yourself for greatness!
  • Don’t Over-Rehearse– You’ve already done the work. You’ve attended your lessons, worked on your piece, and prepared it for the recital. You shouldn’t spend too much time stressing about what you’re about to perform. Do a few run thoughs of your song before you perform but remember the majority of practice occurs before the day of. 
  • Visualize Your Success– If you believe in yourself, and become your own #1 fan, you’re bound to always do well. You know that you can perform your piece well already. Tell yourself that you’re going to be great, and that your piece will be nothing short of wonderful! The more you convince yourself, the more you start to actually believe it.
  • Handle Nervs Well-Feeling  nervous? Performing for an audiance is different than playing alone at home. Need a few tips? Try to pretend you are playing alone without the audience listening. And, remember the goal is to have fun, do not worry about what the audience is thingking! 
  • Pace Yourself– Nerves can cause us to rush our preformance. Make sure you keep a good, steady tempo when you’re playing. Rushing through your piece also makes you more prone to making mistakes. Slow it down, and have fun! You’ll do great. 
  • Be A Great Supporter– When you’re not on stage performing your piece, make sure you are respectful and supportive of the other performers. They will be doing the same for you. Mutual support is encourage to all when performing in a recital or concert!

You put so much hard work into preparing, and performing in a recital. Be proud of yourself, and all that you achieve! There’s nothing to be scared of. And even if you do mess up, just keep going. The audience will love the fact that you’re able to pick yourself right back up after falling (and they probably won’t even notice your mistake). We know you will all do INCREDIBLE at the spring recital, and we can’t wait to hear all of your performances.

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