How Does Vocal Placement Work?

You are all at least somewhat familiar with the terms soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. These are called voice types, or voice placements. Every new singer wants to find out what category they fall into when it comes to these placements. Finding out which category they fall into allows them to know how much vocal range they have, and then in turn, know what they can expect from their voice, and how far they can push themself.  But, how does one actually figure that out?


Originally, learning your voice placement was created to make it easier to cast singers in opera roles! Now, people use it to figure out their style or genre of music they should lean into for performing. It was one of the first starting points for all singers. Figuring out your voice types focuses on different criteria such as your vocal range, the weight of your voice, and your tone. But, the most important thing of all is that you are comfortable in whatever placement you get. If you feel as though you are straining, or if your sound is not strong enough in the placement you’re in, it might be best to reanalyze your singing!


The 8 Singing Voice Types and Their Range

  1. Soprano:  C4-C6

  2. Mezzo Soprano: A3-A5

  3. Alto: F3-F5

  4. Contralto: lf E3-E5

  5. Countertenor: E3-E5

  6. Tenor: C3-C5

  7. Baritone: A2-A4

  8. Bass: E2-E4


The absolute first thing you are going to want to do before you try and find your voice type is to warm up! Do scales, or sing along to a relaxed song that won’t make you strain your voice. Get those vocal chords ready, first! Then, you will want to use the piano to find the notes to play along while you sing the scale. Measure how far you can go on the piano to figure out what your vocal range is. If you feel as though a note is hard to reach, do not push yourself to hit the note! Voice placement is all about being placed at the level that is most comfortable for you.


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