How-to Choose the Right Voice Instructor

The right voice teacher can make or break a singer’s vocal improvement and determine whether a singer maintains their vocal health.

The first before you reach out to any potential voice teachers, decide what style of music you are interested in. Make sure the instructor has experience in the style you are interested in. You don’t want to choose a rock teacher when your interest is opera. Though, there are oftentimes teachers who are experienced in multiple different genres it is often best to seek someone who is an expert in your preferred style.

A good voice teacher will be well-educated in vocal anatomy. They should generally know the basics of  proper vocal health and protecting your vocal chords. Some voice teachers specialize in vocal stylization and performance technique, but a well educated instructor will also have an understanding of vocal anatomy.

Another important factor when you’re choosing a voice teacher, is picking someone who is welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. You want somebody who creates a lesson plan tailored to you and created by someone you trust to have your best interests at heart! All students need someone who critiques their performance and challenges them to be a better singer in an environment that is positive and encouraging. A great voice teacher has the ability to recognize your strengths and highlight them to showcase the best version of you! 

Lastly you should evaluate whether or not this voice teacher has experience performing and preparing others for performances.  When your voice teacher is a performer, they know all of the tips and secrets to preserving your voice, portraying emotions through your music, and telling a story with your words! 

Here at Harmony, we have a variety of instructors with different backgrounds and expertise to help fit each students musical goals.  Register today to take a free trial voice lesson with any of our instructors at Harmony Lessons.  Let us help you reach new levels in your singing career! We want to help you be the best you can be. We look forward to working with you!

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