In-Person vs Online Music Lessons: Pros and Cons

Since the start of the pandemic, learning online has become common for most of us! Universities, schools, and extracurricular activities have started offering an online version of their in person curriculum. As online learning has started to become a new reality for millions of people around the world, and will most likely stay around for good many of us have started to evaluate the need to return to in-person or not. Through my own experience offering in-person and online lessons I’ve found there are both pros and cons to each. Before you decide on in-person or online lessons we suggest taking a look at the pros and cons of online and in-person music lessons first.


In-Person Lessons



  • It is often easier to fully evaluate a students body posture and teqnique in-person

  • Students tend to remain more focused during in-person lessons.

  • No Internet connection challenges

  • Audio quality doesn’t matter and speakers and microphone aren’t needed

  • It’s easy to point to the music and give immediate feedback with no sound delay in zoom!

  • The student and the teacher are able to play duets at the same time without any lagging. 


  • Taking lessons in person requires having to travel, unless you register with a school like Harmony Lessons, where we travel to you!

  • There may be safety or health concerns with COVID-19.

  • Students are limited to the teachers that are in their area. 

  • Parents have wait time if your teacher doesn’t travel to the student’s home.


Online Lessons


  • No Down time in student progress due to COVID-19 shutdowns or restrictions

  • Students aren’t limited to teachers only in their area, they can learn from ANYONE around the world!

  • Students’ lessons can be taken anywhere at any time.

  • Lessons can still happen even if a student feels unwell, but doesn’t want to miss their lesson.


  • The sound quality of instruments or vocals are not the same over video call.

  • The teacher is not able to physically correct a student’s technique, hand positioning, or body posture.

  • Internet connection can be poor.

  • Teacher and student can not play duets.



Through the COVID-19 pandemic both teachers and students have shown how flexible they can be in adapting to different lesson formats. Those students who chose to remain with online lessons during the shutdown (vrs pausing lessons) have maintined their knowledge and continued to excel. As vaccines have become more widely available and students have returned to in-person lessons, we are now able to have the opportunity to benefit from in-person lessons again. Overall both online and in-person lessons can be successful when used with the correct format and approach! If you are unable to participate in in-person lessons, online lessons are still a wonderful option and worth exploring. 🎶


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