Music and Self-Expression (with Song Suggestions)

One of the main reasons people choose to play an instrument, or use their voice as an instrument, is because this is their way of expressing themselves! Music is a wonderful option for creatively expressing yourself.  Musicians are compelled to channel their complex emotions and feelings, and pour it out into the content they create and perform. 

Every, and any emotion you feel is valid! Whether you’re angry, happy, excited, in love, lonely, remorseful, or whatever feeling you might be feeling: there’s probably a song out there for you to perform and channel your emotions into. Or you can compose your own! If you think, songwriting might not be up your alley, performing other composers compositions can still be the perfect form of self-expression. You can even add your own dynamics and experssion to the song! 

We have a few performance song suggestions for a couple of emotions that you might be feeling. Feel free to use the links and downloads provided. Want to learn one of these songs but need some help? Reach out and we’ll match you with an instructor! 




We hope that you have a fun time performing these songs and channeling your emotions into them! It doesn’t matter if you’re singing, or playing the guitar, piano, or violin. Pick up whatever instrument makes you feel good, and confident, and get to playing! If you would like to expand your skills and expertise in music, sign up for your first free lesson with Harmony Lessons today! Click the button below to be redirected to the sign-up form, NOW! See you real soon 😉

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