Music Lessons for


Give your child a head start in Kindergarten with our music lessons specifically designed for preschoolers.

Music Lessons for children as young as 3 1/2 years old.

Preschoolers love the adventure of developing their musical abilities by learning basic piano skills. Children are no longer required to learn to read before they can enjoy playing the piano. Our curriculum incorporates activities and games that prepare students for a lifelong understanding and enjoyment of music. Our piano instructors use everything from images to songs in piano lessons to help children as young as 3 1/2 years old to learn at their pace and ability.

Parents no longer have to wait until their child is in kindergarten to pursue piano lessons. At Harmony, we offer one-on-one lessons specifically designed for preschoolers to enjoy.

  • Develop Music Abilities
  • Activities and Games


We both love Rosita she is a perfect match for Mekhi

Antoinette T.

Kristen is so patient with my young daughter and makes piano fun!

Krista T.

Charlotte IS really enjoying piano [with Kristen]. She practices completely unprompted most days!


We had our first lesson with Kristen and she was amazing! She has a variety of games she does with the kids keeping them very entertained. The kids have fun while learning. The kids both learned a song on their first lesson! She is GREAT!


Our young son is connecting very well with Harrison which is helping to keep him [our son] engaged , we are so glad it is working out so well

Richard C.

We really like Mr. Farshad a lot, and he’s a good teacher, very kind and patient.

Shruti B.