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Harmonize Your Summer with Our Summer Programs!

Designed to ignite creativity and cultivate musical talent, our sessions offer a dynamic blend of learning and exploration. This summer session features several different workshops and camps, Key to Pop, Melody Makers, Piano Olympics and Movie Creation!

At Key to Pop, students learn about the unique caritaristics of pop music, learn to play some of these catchy tunes, learn common chord progressions, and play with a backing track! 

At Melody Makers workshop students will learn how to compose their own music! From dissecting elements of a song to crafting original melodies, students will unlock their creative potential and hone their skills as budding composers

Piano Olympics camp builds upon students foundational skills to improve sight reading, rhythm, and musical terminology. 

Join us for Movie Creation Camp, learn about one of the most famous composers and create a movie together! Movie Creation Camp also builds on students keysignature and chord skills an understanding. 

Key to Pop Workshop

Melody Makers

Piano Olympics

Movie Creation

Key to Pop Workshop

Ages 9+

July 17th, 2024

or call 512-809-2861

There’s just something about pop music that makes it so addicting. It’s catchy, upbeat, and easy to listen to. Though there are many musical styles, pop continues to dominate mainstream music and is the most accessible genre in the world.

But what is it about pop music that makes it so great?

Why do pop songs get stuck in our head?

We’ll uncover that together in our Key to Pop workshop!

Join us as we discuss, listen, and learn to play popular jams! Class will feature discussions on pop theory and structure, as well as discovering the connections between pop music and the past. Students will also get a chance to learn a popular chord progression that can be applied to hundreds of songs, and play along to a backing track! 


  • 🎶 Must be studying in the Blue Faber book Level 2A or above
  • 🎶 Must be able to play with LH and RH independently
  • 🎶 Must have basic knowledge of major/minor chords
  • 🎶 Must have basic knowledge of C scale

Class Details

Hours: 9am-12pm

This is a 1 day class, 3hrs total. 

Cost: 64

Melody Makers Workshop

Ages 7+

June 3rd-5th, 2024

or call 512-809-2861
Composing 2
Composing 1

Ever wanted to compose your own music? 

Join us for a 3 day workshop and learn the funamentals of composition. 

Learn the difference between March, Ragtime, Blues, and Latin and compose a song in your favorite style! 

Students will learn about melody, form, harmony, and texture. Each student will complete a short composition utalizing the skills they have learned! If this is your first time composing or you are looking for fresh inspiration, this workshop will develop your creative skills and provide the guadance you are looking for!


  • 🎶 Know at least 3 scales
  • 🎶 Understanding of accidentals
  • 🎶 Rhythm familiarity up to eighth notes

Class Details

Hours: 9am-12pm

This workshop will take place over the course of three days, spanning 3 hours every day.

Price: 169

Piano Olympics Camp

Piano Olympics
Grades K-4

July 29th-Aug 2nd

Students at elementary camp playing games outside
Students at elementary camp playing an indoor music activity
Elementary music camp Austin TX
  • Join us as piano Olympians and grow your musical knowledge and skills through high energy activities and loads of fun! 

Olympic events are planned throughout each day and are sure to motivate students to practice rhythmpitchharmony, and much more! 

  • Ensembles
  • High-energy musical Olympic events
  • Water play on Friday, including the annual water balloon fight WITH instructors
  • Snack provided
  • Musical crafts and art projects
  • Join us and improve your note identification, sightreading, rhythm and musical terminology!


  • 🎶 Must be going into K-4th grade
  • 🎶 Must have a basic understanding of the piano and have taken lessons for 5 months or more (if your child just started please contact us to ask more details.) 

Class Details

  • Dates: July 29th-August2nd

Hours: 8:30-12:00

This camp will take place over the course of 5 days. 

Price: 230


Movie Creation Camp

Grades 5-8

July 22nd-26th, 2024

Intermediate music camp Austin TX
  • Become part of our cast! 

Join us as we learn about Beethoven and create a student acted and directed movie!  

Designed for our intermediate students grades 5-8, students will improve their understanding of keysignatures, chords, act and create a movie about Beethoven, (completed and presented on Friday evening), and participate in duets.  

Each day is packed with fun learning activities, games, and memorable moments!

  • Learn about Beethoven through fun and high energy activities
    Direct, write, and finalize a musical score and of course act!
  • Duets with daily feedback from an instructor
  • Music games requiring students to practice their musical skills and knowledge
  • Participate in afternoon field trips to lasertag and the pool (Thurs and Fri respectively)
  • Morning and afternoon snack provided
  • Participate in a pizza party on Friday

*tuition includes pizza and fieldtrip costs


  • 🎶 Must be going into 5th grade through 8th grade.  (high school student’s ask about our mentor opportunities)
  • 🎶 Must have a basic understanding of keysignatures
  • 🎶 Must have taken piano (or other instrument) for 2 or more years

Class Details

Hours: 8:30am-5pm

This camp will take place over the course of 5 days. 

Price: 507


All workshops are held at the main studio location:

13513 Dulles Avenue, Austin, TX

Additional info

Tuition for Melody Makers and Key to Pop are due in full upon registration, if you need to make special arrangments please contact billing at Contact@harmonylessons.com

Camp tuition can be paid in full or place a $50 deposit to hold your child’s place for camp and then pay camp tuition in three equal installments in June, July, and August. (The $50 dollar deposit is applied to tuition for camp.)

Camps: Please note that camps must have a minimum of 6 children. If the camp does not meet minimum enrollment, then the respective camp will be canceled or rescheduled, and you will receive the option of a refund or attending an alternate camp. 

Your $50 camp deposit is non-refundable. There are no refunds after May 31st. Please remember supplies are purchased for camp and your tuition holds your child’s place. If your child unexpectedly cannot attend camp due to illness, then an alternate camp date may be offered. However, please be aware that due to camp dates and camp attendance, an alternate camp cannot be guaranteed

Workshops: Pop and Melody Makers must have a minimum enrollment of 5 children. If the class does not meet minimum enrollment, then the respective class will be canceled or rescheduled, and you will receive the option of a refund or attending an alternate class.  Tuition for Pop and Melody Makers can not be refunded after May 1st


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