The Benefits of Learning A New Instrument

Millions of children and adults learn a new instrument every year! Ling a new instrument can be such a rewarding experience, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Why You Should Learn and Instrument.

  • It Helps Memory Skills – Playing an instrument and having to read sheet music, while also remembering each note or key on your instrument can be a great workout for your brain! This helps to improve your memory skills.
  • It Helps With Hand-Eyes Coordination – You have to hold your instrument in one hand and play with the other, all while reading along with your sheet music. Or for pianists, your using both hands at the sime time while also reading music. This builds up great hand-eye coordination, even more than sports.
  • It Improves and Heightens Your Creativity – Once you progress in your learning process, you can play around and create your own music! 
  • It Can Be An Outlet for Emotions and Feelings – Playing an instrument can help with self-expression. It can be a great way to get your feelings out when words just aren’t enough. 
  • It Can Build Confidence and Self-Esteem – It takes a lot of practice and dedication to get good at something, but once you do and have faith in your abilities, your confidence and self-esteem grows alongside your skills!

Things to Remember Along the Way:

  • It Can Be Extremely Difficult to Self-Teach – Youtube videos are fun and inspiring but we always recomend learning with an instructor. Instructors will tailor your lessons to your goals and make sure you are learning with a solid foundation. 
  • Don’t get Frustrated – It is very easy to become impatient when learning something new. Remember it takes time to learn a new skill. Try to enjoy the journey, talk to your instructor about learning songs you enjoy listening to, and be pateient with yourself.  And find an instructor who can help you achieve your goals while helping you have fun along the way. 

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should learn an instrument, here’s your sign: YES. DO IT. Here at Harmony Lessons, we offer piano, violin, guitar, and voice lessons. If you’re new to the studio, your first lesson is free! Click the button below to register for your free trial class NOW! We hope to see you soon 

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