Tips to Encourage Shy Students

Got a shy singer who won’t sing in public or lessons? Some singers simply need words of encouragement, while others may need a little bit more work to truly shine! Their talents are waiting to burst through and be discovered, they just need a little encouragement. That’s where you come in! Here’s some tips on how to encourage a shy singer without pushing them too hard.


Start with the basics.

It can be easy to forget all of the basic steps that aid a singer when they are performing so your first step is to always make sure they remember all the basics. The singer must pay attention to their posture and the way they are breathing. This can affect their sound. Make sure you tell them to take a few breaths and relax as well, before they begin singing! This helps shake away any nerves.

Sing Acapella

Sometimes shy singers struggle with performing because they aren’t used to singing with accompaniment, so the other sounds distract them. It might be best to start off acapella, especially if the singer is on beginner level. This will encourage independent singing from the beginning and will allow the student to feel more comfortable and not hide behind the other sounds while singing!

Change their mindsets.

Shy singers are usually nervous about not performing to their instructor or audience’s expectations. Make sure you remind the student that performing is supposed to be exciting and fun. Everyone just wants to see them have fun and enjoy singing!

Try making practice fun!

Incorporating games or other fun ways to practice singing might help a student. Sometimes they need to feel less pressure to perform better. If the practice is more relaxed and lighthearted, they will be less shy.

Offer positive, yet productive feedback.

Always be your student’s biggest motivator and fan! If you want to encourage a shy student, remember to compliment what they do well and what you enjoyed about their performance. Help them feel motivated to perform by talking about how exciting and fun it can be.

 Focus on having Fun!

Remind students to focus on having fun sining not what the audiance is thinking. What matters is they tried and had fun!


We hope these tips are helpful! Stay tuned for more. If you’re interested in signing up for vocal lessons, or any of our other lessons (piano, guitar, or violin) sign up for a free trial lesson here.

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