Tips to Protect Your Voice

For singers, your voice is your instrument. You must protect, nurture, and strengthen it at all costs! But, it can be difficult to keep your guard up at all times considering you use your voice frequently throughout your day. Whether you’re on the job, keeping the company of your family and friends, or even jamming along to a song on the radio in the car, you’re using your voice. Sometimes, you can unfortunately injure your vocal chords without even trying. The most obvious way to injure your vocal chords is by screaming, but some other things you should watch out for are:

  • Smoking – whether it’s you or you’re inhaling it secondhand, smoking puts your vocal chords at risk for becoming damaged
  • Acid reflux – when chronic, this can cause severe damage to your vocal chords, so this is something to be very cautious with
  • Forcing your voice through sickness – obviously, if it doesn’t feel good, you probably shouldn’t be doing it
  • Singing with poor technique, or too loudly – if you aren’t singing properly and your voice is untrained, you might damage your vocal chords trying to sing risky notes or songs

Those are some things you should definitely avoid if you want to protect your vocal chords from any harm. For extra caution, there are also several ways you can keep your voice healthy in addition to avoiding the previously mentioned things! 


5 Tips To Keep Your Voice Strong and Healthy

  1. Stay Hydrated and Have a Healthy Diet – Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is suggested from the average adult. A singer needs more than that, especially because you use your vocal chords way more than somebody who doesn’t sing. You will also want to eat foods that contain good vitamins such as A, C and E that can strengthen your throat lining.
  2. Lower the Volume – This should be considered in every single aspect. If you’re playing a video game you know makes you very excited and loud, lower the volume so you’re not inclined to scream. If you’re listening to music in the car and you want your sounds and volume to match your favorite singer, lower the actual volume in the car so you don’t scream. Keep your voice at an inside level when you are able to.
  3. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol – These things can dry out your throat, and that is the exact opposite of what you want to do. You want to supply your throat with enough moisture throughout your day, so avoid caffeine and alcohol. Swap them out for water, or even flavored water!
  4. Do Not Strain – Whenever you’re at a concert or at a club, you tend to strain your voice to be heard. When you’re in public and need to communicate, try to get closer to the person you’re trying to speak to rather than sending your message across the room. You can cause great harm to your vocal chords doing this. 
  5. Rest – Listen to your body. If you sound hoarse and you know that you might be losing your voice soon, let yourself unwind and reboot. Do not push yourself because you will cause irreversible damage to your vocal chords. Avoid that. 


 I hope these techniques are useful to you guys. Good luck in your singing ventures. As always, Harmony Lessons welcomes all! If you’re new here and interested in signing up for a free first lesson, click below!

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