Why Is Music So Important?

It’s not uncommon to see a music program or the arts get defunded at a school. The arts are usually the first budget cut when an organization isn’t doing well financially. But, why is that? How much more beneficial are sports than music? Music education proves highly beneficial to many students. Music positively impacts a student’s academic performance, assists in developing better social and communication skills, and serves as an outlet for a student’s creativity! Music education finds innovative ways to catapult the student’s learning to new heights.

Music stimulates the brain. Since there are many different sounds and lyrics that provide a wide variety, anyone who learns music is exposed to a larger vocabulary in a shorter amount of time. It’s kind of like reading, but it’s a little more fun and makes you want to move! Music can also improve memory skills. When you are constantly learning new music, your memory starts to strengthen as well. 


Expanding your music skills by learning to sing or play an instrument opens up a door for more skills. Music teaches coordination and how to multitask (try playing both hands at the same time on the piano-it takes coordination!). Coordination is useful out in the real world for other things too, including sports! Music education is incredible because it fosters great work ethic and teaches discipline! If you start learning from a young age, it’ll instill determination, motivation and hard work in you. Improving your musical skills isn’t easy, it requires effort, hours of study and lots of practice.


Music is the perfect outlet to build confidence and motivation. Any learner can be successful in music. At Harmony we believe in meeting the child where they are and that every child can learn an instrument given the right tools and encouraging instruction. If you aren’t already getting music education, get started today! At Harmony Lessons, we offer voice, piano, guitar, and violin lessons that can help you build up your confidence and your music skills. If you’re new, click the button below to sign up for your first lesson TODAY!

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