Why Warming Up Your Body Before Practicing or Performing
Is Beneficial

Most athletes like to warm up their bodies before they train or compete, either by stretching, jogging, walking, or whatever they enjoy. They do this because this prepares their body to be active and allows them to maximize their training and performances. 

If musicians and singers want to maximize their practice and performances as well, they need to warm up! 

Any panist who has tried to perform with cold fingers knows the value of warming those hands up both in temprature (warmth) and with movement. 

Singers and musicians engage in complex muscle-controlled actions to create melodies and sounds from their instruments. In-order to perform our best or benefit from practice we need to warm up first. 

Warming up your body is beneficial, and here’s why:

  • Allows Your Body to Get Ready Mentally: Warm ups refocus your brain on practice not your school, video games, or what’s for dinner. 
  • Prevents You from Injury: Warming up can help you to relax your muscles so that they don’t become strained before or during your performance. It doesn’t matter if it’s your throat muscles, your hand muscles, or your fingers. They can all benefit from a good warmup!
  • Helps You Build Up Muscle Memory: Once your body has completed a function a certain amount of times, you start to get used to it. That’s why warming up is important before practice and performances. 
  • It Improves Your Overall Strength:  Warming up can help you develop stronger functional muscles for playing and singing and build your long-term ability!

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